Online Payment Gateways and Virtual Terminals

TransGate Solutions offers several software and online payment solutions to help you accept payments through your e-commerce enabled website or through your computer as a virtual terminal.  

Authorize.Net Payment Gateway

Enables online payment processing for the most basic storefronts or for highly integrated e-commerce systems. Merchants can establish secure online transaction processing in a true one-stop-shop environment. The suite of products is fully customizable – you can select the services to add to your Gateway account that best meet your business needs. You can deploy the interface to fully commerce-enable your storefronts. We provide all service, support, processing, technology, billing and customer care.

With the Payment Gateway you can:

  • Save time and money with easy, versatile implementation options
  • Protect customer data and boost compliance efforts
  • Automate your recurring payments and improve cash flow
  • Enjoy peace of mind with seamless, secure connectivity
  • Eliminate data entry errors by retrieving a pre-existing customer profile
  • Maintain account-on-file information, quickly and efficiently 
  • Accept a wide range of credit and debit payment types including MasterCard®, Visa®, American Express®, Discover® on one statement

Recurring Payments 

Offer flexible payment solutions to your customers such as recurring payments; run special promotions with deferred or installment payments; or collect regular fees. With Automatic Reecurring Billing, you can collect payments automatically and on a regular schedule to improve your cash flow.

Flexible Integration

The Orbital Payment Gateway also provides multiple integration options to best fit your technical environment, including integration with leading hosted storefront and e-commerce service providers, giving you a streamlined payment solution without the need for additional development.

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MerchantWARE Virtual Terminal

The MerchantWARE Virtual Terminal is a web-based point of sale solution that replaces the need for a credit card terminal allowing you to accept credit cards anywhere that you can access the internet.

The MerchantWARE Virtual Terminal enables you to process credit cards, debit/EBT cards and manage your account through an internet connection. The gateway contains extensive reporting features with the capability to re-charge previously processed cards for up to two years. The gateway also supports batch processing and multiple user login access for a single account for enhanced account and user management.

  • Virtual Terminal
  • Transaction search/review. Search by numerous criteria (amount, card number, card holder, auth code, transaction type, etc... or search by date range)
  • Current Batch details/overview
  • Manual or Auto-batch options
  • Batch upload (Text delimited file)
  • Master user that can create/manage users and restrict their access
  • Support/Sales contact links (email)
  • Supports AVS/Invoice#/CVV2 and displays results
  • Tip Amount/Tax Amount options