-Bristol Hospital, Laura Lydem
"TransGate Solutions was able to sit down and help us understand every charge on our processing statement in person and in an easy to understand process. When it came time to change over to them it was easy! They programmed all 19 of our offices in person within 2 days . Even now that we’ve been with Merchant Office for a while, they continue to help us manage our pricing and technology." 

As a healthcare provider you are faced with unique complexities that involve many elements one might not readily associate with the credit card payment industry, from insurance matters to patient confidentiality and many elements in between. Managing payments in a healthcare environment—from hospitals and medical offices to clinics and labs—requires the most advanced and reliable processes, and TransGate Solutions has a pulse on all of them.

We’ve known for years how to properly educate our clients on the remedies for timely, accurate and effective credit card processing.

  • We can work with most point-of-sale systems whether it is part of an existing solution or an entirely new system.
  • If you are new to credit card processing, we can educate you on the business of accepting credit card payments so that you can begin doing it without delay.
  • Let us help you accept checks more efficiently and without the concern of it not funding.
  • We can help you to save money by showing you the most cost-effective way to use HSA cards so that you can reap the benefits of the lowest rates of all card used in the healthcare patient market.
  • We can explain the various rates and fees in an easy to understand manner so that you know exactly what you are paying.
  • We can explain your current credit card processing statements to show you how to calculate actual rates. Once you know your actual rate, you can see with far greater clarity which processing equipment and methods work to your advantage, and which do not.
  • With an in-state Service Level Agreement you will be guaranteed response of three hours or less, 24-hours-a-day, 365 days a year. You will be up and running again almost immediately after a problem occurs. No more waiting for a new terminal to be drop-shipped in two days. Those days are gone.